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  • Lilia's CO2 sales - one star is to high a rating

    What is the SAVE option for. If next years version can not read this year why bother saving those 3000 mile trips you make with your Dad to redo with your kids?

  • Rikabod - Almost there

    Great idea, not quite executed as good as it it could be. The combination dials are small and therefore difficult to turn, and my hands aren't all that big. Also the cover isn't attached to the safe, so if you back into a snow bank and knock it loose, it just flops off in the ground. They need to affix the cover to the safe, increase the dials and this will be a great device

  • Dee Cee - summary of habit

    It requires the ability to set goals prioritize and make choices in other words they are able to self-motivate to earn more and be happier and more satisfied with their lives overall to efficiently self-motivate a person needs to believe that they have authority over actions and surroundings.

  • Atrain - Love Testro-X.

    I have been taking this for about two weeks. I have been trying to get the energy to do P90x for months now. After taking this for about a week i tried starting over again. Not only did i finish the entire chest and back routine the first time but i've been pushing through all of the exercises. I've also been doing the 22 pushup challenge on top of my regular workout and still have the energy for that after my p90x workout. Oh and did i mention i've got a newborn who doesn't sleep through the night still have the energy for my workout. Love Testro-X.

  • liv4scuba - Awful!

    I should of read the reviews before purchasing this. I bought some quite pricey outdoor chair cushions thinking that if I put this on them it would keep them nice and they would last longer. I WAS WRONG! They were ruined after I put this on them. They are so sticky that we can't even sit on them. After a couple days I decided I would get a water hose and see if I could the sticky off. Water was not even repelled in most places, and this was after 3 coats! So now I'm out a lot of money (hundreds) and no cushions for our outdoor patio set. I read on some reviews that soap will take this stuff off, I'm going to try that. This product is crap!

  • Ipodmaster - The game is great. The installation not.

    The box included two DVDs, one for PC, one for Mac. I installed the Mac version but turns out that it's a waiste of time and weight! It just installs the Steam interface, you just need to enter the Install key to Download the game from steam.

  • R. Leabo - It's great if you don't mind a little self-loathing afterwards...

    Far-fetched? YES. Terrible acting? You betcha! Could one man really defy death at the last possible second 50 times in real life? Hell no! But the story in interesting enough, and the visuals are pretty outstanding. It's a typical big budget end of the world flick that only really suffers from John Cusak. Did you really expect an Oscar-ridden movie?