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  • April White - Fuuuuuuun!!

    This game is super fun. I love that you can buy new dances with real money. There are a few songs on there like "Love Boat" that truly have no business being on there.

  • fayemonique - Beautiful cookware.

    I love cooking in this pot. It is a prized treasure in my kitchen. If I had more space, I would get more...just so I could look at them.

  • BMorand - Worked pretty satisfactorily

    I've tried a few products along this line, with little success, and much disappointment. Many of the "boost" products wind up giving me headaches - quite literally. I tried this one - at first, directly from New Vitality - and was quite pleased with the results. I'm 45, and I run 3-5 miles almost every day, and I also work out with weights, etc... Prior to taking Ageless, I would grow fatigued much quicker than I do now. My energy levels are much higher, and it feels natural - not nervous. I agree with the other reviewer, though - buying directly through Amazon now, rather than through NV. Hassle with the auto-renews/withdrawls... especially when I went down to taking 1 per day after a couple months.

  • Charles Haynes - Great product, I use it for squats mostly

    Great product, I use it for squats mostly, it's been doing great. Doesn't even come close to falling over, even on carpet.

  • Kaimonkey - Fastest Boot drive, in the west!

    For a vast majority of people, 60gb is a very small drive. If this was a regular harddrive, well you're kind of screwed for just about anything, however since it is an SSD, one can use this product very easily for the regulated duty of a boot drive. A boot drive quite simply is a smallish ssd that you put just your operating system as well as a few tidbits of software that you use on a regular basis. On my desktop that I have this ssd installed, I have Windows 10 installed, as well as Chrome, and spotify, as well as a few technical software for my computer such as Radeon Settings and MSI afterburner for my graphics card.