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Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.2193 New South Wales, Australia

  • Zul'Jin - Is that...a grue?

    I purchased this cable on a whim, after all, I play a lot of point and click adventure games. I'm talking Monkey Island, Longest Journey type of stuff. If you notice every character in each of those games has an expensive cable, whether it's an extension cord or an S-video cable. Being so easily influenced by the characters I thrive upon, and wanting to see them in diamond-given glory holding their diamond-studded VGA cables, I couldn't resist. I bought it. I plugged it in. There was a cold flash and a loud pop. I ended up here. I saw Rodney Dangerfield on the way.

  • Amazon Customer - No User Input During Installation

    I would have rated the software 4 stars, except Roxio does not allow users to select features, shortcuts, etc. during the installation process. Even the default settings remove previous user settings without the user's knowledge. Older versions allowed some customization during the installation; however, that is no longer true. After I installed the software, I inserted a CD. One of the Roxio applications started up. With a little search, I was able to deactivate that feature. I also noticed that "Auto run" was disabled so my CD's would not automatically open Windows Media Player. I am still finding other items that Roxio configured without my knowledge. Just this morning I saw an item in the drive list (under "Computer" in Windows Explorer) - it is labeled "Roxio Burn Disc Viewer". I thought I configured Roxio Burn Disc to not open.

  • B. Smiley - Felt like it wore off about a half hour on fresh ...

    Worked well on my tattoos, but wasn't as moisturizing as I had hoped. Felt like it wore off about a half hour on fresh tattoos. Might be much better for the 3-4 days after. I wanted to use this for sleeping so I wouldn't have aquaphor all over my sheets if possible.

  • Jessica Renckly - Refreshing eye gel!

    I've been using this product for about a week now and really like it. The container is hygenic, which is definitely a good thing when using product around your eyes. After applying this product, the skin around my eyes feels tighter and it does seem to lighten my dark circles. I feel nice and awake after I've used it. If too much is applied, it can feel sticky, so you have to experiment a little with how much you use. Eye makeup seems to have no trouble going over the top either. I've also dabbed a little on my forehead, and that seems tighter too. My eyes and skin are pretty sensitive, but thankfully I've had no issue with this product. Overall, I'm very happy so far with how my eyes look and feel when using this. I think it was a great deal to get so much product for under $20!