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  • Mark C. - the warrenty is NO good

    i had the vacuum for about 1 year. there is a little hose on the bottom of the vacuum that goes to the head of the vacuum. this cracked and tore shark refused to cover the part. I called many times and was told each time that any part that they choose not to make separate is NOT covered under their warranty. so another words it is a false warranty since what ever they want out of it they just will not make a part. also to note my mother shark did the same thing and also 3 other friends i know. it seems this is the #1 part to break on the vacuum and without it the vacuum is worthless. such a tiny part but very much required. I also files a complaint with BBB and they still refused to not resolve the issue and also my friends and mother files to the BBB and got no where. JUNK~ if you buy you will know what i mean when that little hose cracks on you!!!!

  • The JetCats - I like the balancing part

    I purchased one: it cracked. They sent me another one. It lasted longer, but it cracked again. I like the balancing part.

  • Angelia - No good:(

    This notebook is not a good buy. I bought two, one for each kid. It is very slow, pixely, and you have to touch it many times before it responds. I want to send them back if possible.

  • tburgh - Interesting info.

    The book has some very interesting info and thoughts. There are suggestions and treatments that could be made much clearer and may not be for everyone. I personally don't agree with everything the author has to say regarding ethnomedicine, but that may be my lack of knowledge. His interpretations regarding other races are a bit baffling as well. Understand however that I question everything---from the "highest qualified authority" of the USDA, FDA, etc, to someone's anecdotal suggestions.I'm reviewing some of the sources and bibliographic material listed in the book. Every now and then typos or sentence syntax problems get in the way. I point this out because minor problems like this could involve the author sharing pertinent information. If you can handle gaining some useful info (again, I strongly suggest to check it out for yourself), and can, as the saying goes, "get the meat and leave the bones," this could serve as a reference source for one's herbal, medicinal library.