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  • Peter C - Complete waste of money, do not buy

    Using iPhone 6 with iHealth Align and iHealth Gluco-Smart 3.6.8. This thing does not work!! After signing up for an account, I was continuously prompted to scan the QR code on the test strip vial, and when I clicked OK, the app just froze!!! Only once was I able to get the QR code scanned, then when I tried to perform glucose test, the app says it cannot connect to the device. Bottom line, never worked once!!! Just simply frustration!!!

  • Paco - Amazing Board

    If you want to play with just about any and everything in BIOS you can tweak till your hearts content with this thing. It can be a bit overwhelming, but if you're into that sort of thing... this board has it all

  • Amazon Customer - Waste of money - can find the same info for free on Google

    This silly USB stick is basically simply a database for tv shows and movies available online. I can find the same information doing a search on Google, which is free and doesn't require a user ID or password. The database isn't even easy for searching. And loads of the programs it comes up with are pay per view. Useless. Just like Google it requires internet service. OH... and the programs you find through it's database don't even stream properly.

  • Jessica D. Rocha - okay i guess

    umm this wasnt exactly what i needed. its basically just a directry of the medical schools in the country. i wanted more information on requirements to get into the school. all of the info on this book is available for free on the schools website

  • Charles J Richardson - Must Have Book for Ford Bit/spur Collectors

    This book is 'THE' book for anyone who considers collecting or researching the bits and spurs made by well known maker, R.F.Ford. The wife of the maker has gone to great detail to make certain the order book that Mr. Ford used in his daily work is copied and preserved just as he wrote it down. The book shows the work, the coffee stains and scribblings just as RF put them in his book and is a tremendous resource for those collectors that wish to go back and look at this makers production through the years he made bits and spurs. Notes on many of the spurs and bits are in the book as well as who he made them for. Mr. Ford passed away in 2011, but his work is gaining great collector attention in the realm of western memorabilia collecting. Anyone collecting Mr. Ford's work would certainly want to add this book to the collection.