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  • Mr. P. Leigh - Would defintely buy again

    Awesome roof rails - less than half the price of the big brands and work just as well. I have travelled at 70-80mph on the interstates with no whistle. With my huge carbox on top I do notice less fuel efficiency but this is not really a consideration given the amount of time it is in use. It is easy to set up and take down - even on the Grand Cherokee its a one person job

  • Amazon Customer - MUST READ, trust me

    I have never, ever reviewed anything for any reason. Who am I to tell you what you should and shouldn't buy. However, as I was clipping that last part of diseased nail of my big toe tonight I thought, this is something people need to know about. Here's my story: I've been dealing with toenail fungus for about 15 years (thanks nasty college roommate). During that time I've tried everything you can image, vapo rub, penlac, lamisil, tea tree oil, prayers etc. I did two treatments with lamisil (my liver did not fall out as some warn) but I had one stubborn toenail that refused to be cured no matter what. I stumbled upon this product on Amazon in a desperate search for help right before summer began, you all know what I mean. I swear to you that this product works. I'm not in a financial position to reimburse anyone but if I was I'd put my money where my mouth is. You will read reviews that will tell you this product smells. Truth, it does smell, like vinegar, you'll be fine after it dries and you put your socks on. What stinks worse is having to hide your feet in the summer or that panic feeling when you realize you have to take your footwear off. Next you will read that this product is a rip off because you're paying for vinegar gel. Well you are, but so what, I'm not making vinegar gel myself. How would I even do that. I'm not a scientist. Just pay for the vinegar gel and call it a day. The bottle is huge and lasts forever. You get enough to treat your toenails for the next 10 years, luckily you won't have to. Now here comes the advice. Use twice a day, every day, morning and night, after washing your feet. Do this every day, for real. You can't be that lazy that you can't squeeze a bottle for 4 seconds twice a day. Keep your nails trimmed and invest in some nail files. File over the surface of your nail to thin it out and allow the product to penetrate the nail. Get some on the skin surrounding the nail and under the edge of the nail. The skin may get a little irritated when you first start treatment. Big deal, you have nail fungus, your gonna draw the line at a little irritated skin, I don't think so. If you follow these instructions, as well as the ones that come with the product, you can't go wrong. It's winter right now in New England and I wanna wear flip flops tomorrow I'm so excited. Good luck everyone.