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City: 6.1464 Geneva, Switzerland

  • Jessica M. Green - Works great with the online tree

    I bought the upgrade version of Family Tree Maker 2012 Deluxe. I installed it within a few minutes, and linked it to my online tree at without any trouble. It allowed me to review all changes prior to the sync altering the online or local trees. I have been updating my tree both locally and online for a month now, and it syncs great. I am very happy with this product. I make changes daily to my trees and haven't had any problems.

  • Mother of three boys - Disappointed in how few pages there are

    The hard copy version has many more ads, which I actually enjoy. The online version has some. Hence there are not that many pages and feels too light on content.

  • Longoria - Scary, don't read alone!!!!!

    You have got to read this author! He writes about what is going to happen during the tribulation. He is not just writing his own opinions; but his research is rather in depth with quotes from reliable sources like the bible. He is also a christian. His style of writing keeps the reader interested. I highly recommend all his books as well as sometimes co-author Chris Putnam.

  • April Reviewer - I love this mouse!!

    I love this mouse!! I purchased this mouse as a replacement for my laptop. It is small and sleek and will travel great! I love that it has a rechargeable battery and I don't have to worry about having replacement batteries with me when I'm going to be away from home for awhile. I've been using this mouse a couple of hours everyday for the last two week and it hasn't needed a recharge yet! This mouse perfectly meets my needs and is better than other mice I have had in the past.

  • J. Seidman - Works, but surprisingly unpolished

    I installed this on both my laptop and my daughter's, and was surprised in both cases at how rough the product was. I know Kaspersky is a big name, so I was expecting everything to go without a hitch. Both machines were running Windows 7 Ultimate.

  • berry weiss - Book is a waste of time for step 1, read why

    After taking step 1 on april 30, 2001. I went through my books and found that First Aid was completely useless !

  • Amazon Customer - Of all the things we've purchased, this is the best thing (second to the ergo!)

    We could not live without this chair. We take it everywhere and the baby feels like he's part of the group. He is so happy when he's at the table and not in a high chair. Besides, some restaurant high chairs are so dirty - I'm happy I don't have to use them.