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  • http://www.hispros.com/about-us About Us | Hispros.com - H.I.S. PROFESSIONALS, LLC is comprised of senior-level principals with over 35 years experience each in the Healthcare Information Systems (H.I.S.) industry. Our firm's members have all held senior management positions with pioneering vendors, hospital providers, and "Big Four" consulting firms.
  • http://www.hispros.com/our-team Our Team | Hispros.com - We offer hourly billing rates that are substantially less than that of the "Big Four" and publicly held firms for principals with 30+ years experience. We achieve this price/performance by avoiding the high cost of their "extravagant" corporate headquarters and Wall-Street pressures for quarterly earnings.
  • http://www.hispros.com/vince-ciotti Vince Ciotti | Hispros.com - Over 42 years experience in the HIS industry working for vendors and consulting firms; author of numerous articles in industry journals and blogs; frequent speaker at national seminars of HFMA, HIMSS and ACHE.
  • http://www.hispros.com/robert-alcaro Robert Alcaro | Hispros.com - Over 42 years in the Healthcare industry, specializing in revenue cycle and general accounting systems, system selections, contract negotiations, system implementations and compliance.
  • http://www.hispros.com/william-bogutski Bill Bogutski | Hispros.com - Over 35 years in the HIS industry, specializing in Contract Negotiations, IT Strategic Planning, and Implementation Management; experience with both vendors and "Big Four" consulting firms.
  • http://www.hispros.com/elise-ames Elise Ames | Hispros.com - Over 20 years of experience in the HIS industry including management positions within hospital organizations and IDNs, and healthcare consulting experience spanning IT selections, assessments and interim management.
  • http://www.hispros.com/testimonials Testimonials | Hispros.com - HIS Professionals did a superb job helping us out with an extremely complex IT problem. Our challenging situation demanded both technical expertise and political sensitivity, and Vince and his team gave us both in spades.
  • http://www.hispros.com/it-assessments IT Assessment | Hispros.com - Our approach to IT assessments has been developed in over 25 years of providing exclusive IT consulting for The Hunter Group, Navigant Consulting, and Insights Health Partners, at many of the largest and most prestigious facilities in the country: Hopkins, Henry Ford, Ochsner Clinic, Sutter Health, etc.

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  • T. Brown - Proves Halestorm can Deliver Live

    Proving that they are no studio over dubbed band. This performance is raw and delivers the same sound they deliver on their studio releases.

  • James - Good for the most part

    Our 5-week old went through 3 tubs of this with no issues. Slept well and ate well. We did even tually switch him over to the gentelease version just because he started to have gas issues.

  • Marc Edlein - Start here! This guide is like s Sherpa

    Extremely comprehensive breakdown of universities and colleges across the country. Easy reference quick sumary to give the flavor of the campus, areas of expertise, cost, social life, great college values, nd much more. A great first place to start filtering options!

  • Jessica - Great product, great company!

    We have been using the same bottle of shampoo and body wash for our 15 month old son since he was born, and refilling it at our local co-op where we can buy it in bulk. The pump on our bottle recently broke, and after a quick call to the Earth Mama company (where I spoke to a pleasant actual person), they sent us a new one in a few days for free! We have been so pleased with the quality of all of their products we've tried and will continue to use them as our son grows.

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    My feet feel like they are encapsulated in a squishy cushion for all my workouts. No more sore toes and hurting feet for my runs! Although I have yet to break them in further than a 5 mile run, I have worn them for aerobics classes that were an hour long and for piyo.

  • Jmihalo - Very easy to renew subscription!

    I already had McAfee 2012 on my computer so all I had to do was sign in on my account and enter the new keycode. Took only a few minutes and cost much less than McAfee was offering.

  • Donald F. - Questionable value. Good in only a llimited set of conditions

    I have purchased similar items of this type and when I got this one I found as I suspected that its shortcommings are the same as the others. Basically it does a good job of amplifying sound. Unfortunately it amplifies sound that does not need to be amplified. The result is that the background sound that you do not want to hear louder drowns out the sound that you do want amplified. One thing that might make make this unit better would be if it had an automatic volume control that prevented the too loud background noises from drowning out the sounds you want to hear. If I am listening to a radio or tv with no other sound, this unit amplifies the desired sound very well. However if someone next to you speaks their voice will blast your ears. The unit functions but is not worth the expense because its weaknesses decrease its value.