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  • Gossamer - Great Game to Learn Guitar

    This game is not only very enjoyable, I'm actually learning how to play guitar! I had to buy a few additional items (pick-up, female coupler) to connect my acoustic to the game, but it worked out OK. The mini-games and the full song games are fun and really help to learn the guitar. I was thinking of taking lessons with an instructor, but now really don't need it. I'm not looking to form a band or anything, but it helps me to understand how to play and can play many songs on my own now. I've been told that I'm getting better by folks, so it must be working :-P

  • Tyron - Best 4k TV for the money

    I am a bit of a audio/video-phile and must say, this is an awesome product. I purchased this TV expecting to settle for a middle of the line picture and substandard features. I couldn't have been more wrong, the picture quality on this TV is outstanding. I understand that it doesn't have the best grey picture uniformity or the most noticeable HDR color reproduction, but you know, that really doesn't matter, because it's not something anyone is going to notice in 99% of TV/Movie watching scenarios. The colors are bright and vibrant, way better than my more expensive 1080p Samsung from 4 years ago (which also cost more money). Black contrast and uniformity is outstanding. I can never notice the backlight/bleeding when credits are rolling. I can't believe this is a standard LED TV and not a quantum pixel or OLED TV.

  • Jessica - Easy to use and totally effective

    I'm not an everyday wine drinker and I needed something that would preserve my wines a little longer. I decided on the 2 pack because that way I have a variety of wines at any given time I can try.

  • Review Effective - Full Fledged passive VR headset

    There is a slew of games, apps and YouTube videos to view with this headset. Just make sure you have enough memory for Google cardboard app or a phone with a gyrometer. These periphrils will make sure you have the best and emersive vr experiences . (Gyrometer is used in head tracking )

  • Que Hirschi - Smart draw review is not a good product and do ...

    Smart draw review is not a good product and do not download the trial version as the require you to purchase the product before you are able to really use it or see how it truly functions.

  • Sue Lynn - Great idea...

    Great idea! I've been using with Essie and OPI polishes- both fit very well. I was always afraid I was going to spill the polish by the weird angle I had to hold the bottle, but this solves the problem.