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  • Paige Fletcher - Nothing like a vitamin!

    I have always struggled with taking vitamins, its never a fun task and coming from someone who has a hard time swallowing pills most days i just bypass it all together. I received these vitamins and upon inspection noticed that they are not like normal vitamins i have tried. Yes i know the gummy vitamin is now a thing, but every gummy vitamin i have tried has tasted like exactly that, a vitamin. These are raspberry flavored and taste like raspberry gummies. You would not know you are even eating a vitamin. Instructions say to take 3 a day which is no problem for me because they are delicious, they pack 5000 of Biotin along with 90 mg Vitamin C and 60 IU Vitamin E.

  • arielchris - See some effects

    I have been using serum diligently for a week. I apply it once a day before bedtime. The serum is lighter than I expected. I notice some subtle changes in my brows after a week of use. They seems to get slightly darker and bolder. Yet the change is very small and not that noticeable. I will continue using the serum and hopefully get my growth of my brows.

  • Ridgerunner64 - Front Mudguards - 2007 Tacoma 4x4

    Great value. Looks like new. Perfect fit for 2007s. Solid, durable replacement mudguards. Screw hardware is included but 2 additional plastic panel clips (required) per guard were not, however. Total installation time to remove old, broken mudguards and replace with new: 15 minutes.

  • stonejonez - 2nd purchase... no bueno.

    I actually really like the way this cuts. It almost grooms your hair like a razor blade. This would be my 2nd purchase of this kit.

  • Afmarko99 - Wife loves it.

    My wife uses this book to study for all of her LPN tests now. Great book and highly recommended to all nursing students.

  • Eric - A truly pleasant surprise!

    I am continually trolling Amazon for books & stories that appeal to me. You know the drill - you churn thru a couple dozen book descriptions to get one that looks like you might like it and so you download the sample. Then you read thru a dozen samples to find the single book that you think is worth buying and reading. And then about one in five of the books you read ends up being truly surprising; it's the book you can't stop reading till you've reached then end, and even then you're left wishing for more. This was such a book. A fun story that's new and different, and keeps twisting and turning along the way. I'm anxious to read the next in the series - which hopefully won't be too long a wait.